The Romanian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSFR)

The Romanian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSFR) is the most important link between different segments of the Romanian pharmaceutical community.

A number of connections have been built on different levels among pharmacists employed in industry, pharmacy services, educational and scientific institutions and administrative services.            The Romanian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in September 1880. It partially assumed objectives and principles of the Pharmaceutical Professional Association. The society gathered around young pharmacists with new perspectives on the scientific and professional pharmaceutical activity in Romania. At that time a unifying process already went on among the Romanian pharmacists on regional and professional principles.

SSFR brings together pharmacists who wish to contribute to the development of Romanian pharmaceutical sciences who enroll and become full members, academics, other professionals working in the pharmaceutical field who enroll and become associate members.

SSFR is a non – governmental non-profit organization, and has legal personality. It works under Decree 31/1954, the H.C.M. 1012/1956 and a court decree.

The aims of SSFR are:

  • facilitating the exchange of scientific information among researchers in the pharmaceutical field by organizing congresses at regular intervals of time, special meetings (symposia, conferences) on interdisciplinary scientific research, publishing a scientific journal (Farmacia) advocating the progress of pharmaceutical sciences
  • gathering and disseminating information about the work of subsidiaries, including the establishment of a year calendar with scientific manifestations;
  • increasing recognition of pharmaceutical sciences at national and international level;
  • encouraging the adoption of high standards of education and research for teachers, students and researchers;
  • developing pharmaceutical relations internationally.

To achieve these goals SSFR will have the following means:

  • organization of scientific congresses, conferences, meetings, symposia, roundtables, regular communication and meetings at various levels, and others;
  • publishing in journals the works held in SSFR public meetings;
  • stimulating and rewarding researchers for valuable original works through awards, honorary degrees, medals and others;
  • stimulating the participation of its members in national and international scientific events;
  • cooperation with state authorities and medical education institutions, companies, associations, etc.
  • guidance on actions meant to inform the public about drugs and pharmaceutical scientific research.

SSFR operates nationally by its Executive Board, through specialized sections and through its county subsidiaries. SSFR has subsidiaries in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Targu-Mures, Timisoara, Oradea, Craiova and Constanta.

Members of the Society can form a section in view of nurturing, enhancing and promoting individual departments of knowledge in scientific and applicable pharmacy and similar disciplines. Individual members are linked into a section by their mutual interests. At the present time members of SSFR are connected in two specialized sections: Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology, which is affiliated EUROTOX, and some individual members are affiliated FIP.

Specialized sections:

  • organize scientific and commemorative events in the specialty area;
  • propose the affiliation of SSFR to the international federations;

SSFR is editing a international highly ranked scientific journal –FARMACIA journal (IF/2015=1.162), that publishes primarily original articles, original research, general reviews, personal opinions, obituaries, announcements, advertisements, reviews etc. and the reports of activity, summaries of SSFR general assemblies.

Every two years, SSFR organizes The National Pharmacy Congress, with international participation, and SSFR members participate with scientific papers, often awarded at international pharmaceutical meetings.

In 2016 under the auspices of SSFR, there will be organized the XVIth National Pharmacy Congress, in Bucharest, Romania, between 28th September – 1st October: .

SSFR has been the organizer of many international meetings focused on in vitro dissolution / drug release methodologies, bioequivalence, bioavailability and in vitro in vivo correlations, with the cooperation or under the auspices of American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, International Pharmaceutical Federation and European Federation of Pharmaceutical Sciences.